You're going to say I do... So it's best you know now...


I do too.

Do you value having someone cheering with you as you walk back down that aisle (and taking some dope pictures at the same time)? 

Do you value the small moments that happen from the time you and your squad are getting ready until everyone is tearing it up on the dance floor? Cuuuuuuz I'm right there tearing it up with you!

Do you value having memories to look back on that were authentically captured in the moment that they happened?

Then holla at your girrrlll! 

Do you value having memories that are captured in a way that mean more than just a click of the shutter? Memories that evoke passion, love and laughter every time you look at them? Well.. trust me.. I do too.

I strive to give you tangible memories that re-create exactly what happened while we experienced the day with our own eyes!

So... If you do too, let's be friends!