Jose & Nicole

\\Southern California Engagement Photographer / Los Angeles//

You never know when your name might be brought up in a conversation as a wedding photographer. In the engagement session I posted here, Nitin mentioned that he was a Lyft driver and we briefly talked about that a little bit. But the best part about that, is after my session with Nitin and Meghan, Nicole was using Lyft one day and Nitin was her driver! She was talking to him about being newly engaged and as he was too, they both talked about the excitement of that. Nitin recommended me to Nicole and gave her my instagram profile. As soon as we started talking I knew I liked them, and at our consultation meeting everything was confirmed - they were awesome ;) haha these two actually share their wedding month with me! I was only planning on taking on one wedding in August next year because of the fact that I was getting married that month, and these two were the lucky ones <3

They totally love the modern vintage vibe and when they suggested doing their photos in a bar/cafe I was ALL over it! And they totally killed this. I cannot wait for their wedding - it's going to be EPIC!!