Aaron & Stephanie

\\Southern California Engagement Photographer / San Diego//

i know Stephanie from when i worked (for a very short while) at Applebee's. she was my trainer and i thought she was hilarious and outgoing! we hung out and photographed each other once, back in my portrait days haha :) and even though my time at Applebee's was short lived, she never failed to show me love on social media with every photo i posted! she always either liked or commented on it and i was (and am) so appreciative of it. i had been wanting to photograph her and her man for a while but never had a free moment to plan it. finally one day, i was able to hit her up and we made it happen! it was a gorgeous day to be at the Sunset Cliffs in San Diego and they were the perfect couple for that moment. they have an adorable Golden Retriever puppy (probably not so little anymore) too and i plan on including her in some future sessions with Stephanie and Aaron, so keep your eyes open for a part two!