Joshua & Amy Grace

\\Southern California Wedding Photographer//

it is so crazy how small this world is. and really i know that's not the real reason, the real reason is God's sovereignty, BUT this is still a crazy awesome story so hear me out :)

i have actually known Josh since i was around 5 or 6 years old. growing up, i was homeschooled and from when i was young to about 4th or 5th grade i was apart of a homeschool group called LIFE and Josh's family was in the same group. i was friends with his younger sister Sharon throughout that whole time. however, once i reached 5th grade my family ended up joining a different group called Dikaios which is where i stayed for the remainder of my education. though i may not have seen Sharon, Josh and their family at all the years following, thanks to social media, we were able to stay in touch through the cyber world. 

one day i saw on Facebook that Joshua was engaged and was super excited for them! a lot of my childhood/high school friends are starting to get married and have kids and i am thankful for social media in that way to be able to still "watch" as we each lead different and wonderful lives. i looked at the pictures and low-key thought to myself "man, how cool would it be if i shot their wedding?!" but simply 'liked' the post because i didn't want to come off as a shallow person xD

i knew Esther, Amy Grace's little sister, from a few years prior to the above story. through high school my photography was mainly focused on portrait and lifestyle sessions, and she reached out to me and asked if i would be willing to do her senior photos. i realized that we had mutual friends through Dikaios, and of course i accepted! Esther, if you're reading this by the way, that was one of my favorite senior sessions to date... thanks for being awesome :)

about a week after i had seen on Facebook that Josh got engaged, Esther reached out to me and told me her sister was getting married and that they were interested in me photographing the wedding! i was honored of course, and Esther connected me with her sister through Facebook. it didn't even pop in my mind that maybe this was the girl Josh was engaged to, but sure enough, low and behold, Amy Grace was the same girl in the photos!! how crazy is that?? as they say... "small world!"

so yeah... that's the story of how i knew/met these two. oh!! and before i forget. Josh proposed with hot air balloons. it was really sweet :)

Josh & Amy, thank you for entrusting me with the privilege of capturing this incredible time for you guys! i was blessed by you two from the start! your hearts of service and devotion to God will bring you blessings on blessings and i know from our time together that you both deserve every one!