Anthony & Christina

\\Southern California Engagement Photographer / Disneyland//

THESE TWO! what can i say about them... SO MUCH BECAUSE THEY'RE AWESOME!

when i first heard from Christina about her engagement I almost freaked out.

okay i lied. i did freak out.

she said she was wanting to do the session at Disneyland and that her fiancĂ© hadn't been yet, and she let me know that she would love it if i took their engagement photos. i tried so hard not to completely lose it over the phone because I WAS SO EXCITED!! 

the day came and we literally had a blast. the weather played some tricks on us a bit, but over all it was such an awesome time. the last thing i want is for the couple to feel like a client. meaning that there's a "distance" of sorts between us because i'm a "photographer" and they are the "client." thankfully, Christine valued this as well and told me they were so happy i rode the rides with them and hung out with them too! 

one of the best parts is that they told me their wedding is going to be Beauty and the Beast themed. so part of the session was taken at the Red Rose Tavern to help vibe that theme! 

congrats on your engagement Anthony & Christina! i wish you the best!