Oregon // January 23-29

i'm finally doing it! i'm BLOGGING MY TRIP.

this almost needs a moment of silence because i honestly thought it was going to be AGES until i was going to be able to do this! haha but here we are :)

quick life update: i have officially become a full-time wedding/engagement photographer! and i can't tell you how excited i am about that! :D that's honestly the reason why i'm sitting infront of my laptop clicking away at these black keys because i have TIME for this!

and can i just say... it feels amazing? cool. cuz i said it.

anywayssss back to Oregon. so a little backstory. my incredible friend Ally (www.allysonskye.com) and i have talked for a while about wanting to travel and shoot. but it was always just a fantasy. until one day one of us texted the other and was like "travel. now." and the other was like "okay. meet at panera." and so we did. and planned out where we wanted to travel to each month, for how long, and how much it would cost. 

surprise! it doesn't break the bank to travel if you're willing to survive on the bare minimums. although one thing i have learned... do NOT pack a bunch of snacks as food. 1) you will never feel full 2) you'll get sick of them all quick and end up eating out anyway and 3) you'll feel nasty by the end of the trip. we're about to take trip number 3 in a couple weeks (AZ bound woot!) and we both decided MEAL PLAN.

have i done that yet? ha.... naaaahhhh.

but i will.

okay backstory over! so this was our first trip! the beautiful state of OREGON!

this is Ally. i know she cute huh. she's single too ;) hehe

when we arrived in Oregon, one of the places we hit first was VooDoo doughnuts. in all honesty though, it wasn't what everyone made it out to be. i mean yeah cool combinations on doughnuts is great but... i guess i had Krispy Kreme on my mind too much ;P

afterwards we walked around downtown a little bit and snapped some shots.

after walking off the doughnut..... or maybe the first bite of it... we decided to head to the coast. specifically to Canon Beach -- ya know, that place instagrammers love to tag with the big rocks on the beach? yeah there. so cliche i know ;) BUT THE EXPERIENCE THO.

on our way we were driving through fairy land. no seriously look.

on the way we hit a rest stop that actually had nice bathrooms and a big mirror.

i selfie'd. of course. 

but that was our first ability to be able to play in the snow a little bit so we did. and. yep. took pictures. ;)

after our snow sesh we finally made it to the coast. where we promptly decided to: take a nap. hahaha hey driving makes you tired. it's no joke. but we napped. and then we made our way to the famous rocks.

The next day we headed to a place suggested to us by the worker who pumped our gas. oh yeah.. did i mention it's illegal to pump your own gas in Oregon? we were spoiled.

anyways. long story short, the road was closed because of the snow, but the drive there was breathtaking.

so we ended up heading to a place suggested by our host called 3 Pools. and THAT place did not disappoint! so. incredibly. beautiful!

That evening was when we met with our first couple, Scott & Grace, towards the end of the shoot there was photo i was dying to get. not really sure why. but as a photographer you get these random urges for a photo, and when you get them you have to follow-through.

during our explorations the next few days we headed to Sliver Falls State Park. and my goodness was that a special place!! the funny part was that the couple we were shooting there informed us of this waterfall haha it was actually quite funny, i was shooting them around the landscape where we parked and then told them we wanted to hit North Falls. they sort of looked at us weird when we first said that, and when we finished up where we were they were like "... we gonna head to the waterfall now?" 

granted we didn't know there was a waterfall where we were at, but i mean... the name of the spot "Lower South Falls" should have been obvious.

so that was funny. but LOOK! so glad they showed us this. cuz it was a favorite for sure!

the days got more busy with 4 other couples to shoot so memory card space was not very big. but on the last day i snagged these while we were waiting for our last couple to arrive :)

and that was our trip. in the quickest nutshell i could manage! but yet at the same time still kinda lengthy haha.

check the videos we made too!

Ally's: https://youtu.be/k1i8KMd6Sn0

Mine: https://youtu.be/acOjyIiDUqI and https://youtu.be/hw0qbjh44pQ

why do i have two you ask? haha.... cuz i thought i lost the files from the second video.. but after i made the first video i found the files from the second video (which was the actual cool scenic stuff) so i had to make another one.

Oregon was definitely one for the books! so much so Ally and i will be heading back in summer to experience it in that season as well.

till then Oregon!