Scott & Grace // Oregon Couples Session

where do i even begin with these two?? Grace was our host while we were in Oregon, and her and her man were our tour guides through Portland. initially, their session was supposed to be completely different than this, but my maps sent me to the wrong address, and so i realized i was gonna have to go with the flow.

they took us to Little Big Burger, which was AMAZING. then they took us to Salt & Straw, which was also amazing but i was full and antsy to start shooting so they got some ice cream and while they were eating it under the building's lights, i just started shooting. and then from then on i was literally just shooting them as they guided us through the city and showed us all the cool spots.

i absolutely love when the couple are completely and totally themselves during a shoot, and these two were the absolute best that could have been for how the night went. i had to be creative and think of how to use light since it was night, but they just went right along with my ideas. 

Scott and Grace, if you read this -- thanks for being absolute champs. you guys rocked my socks and i can't wait to visit again!