Tim & Hunter // Southern California Engagement Photography / Fontana

these two are my best friends. i have known them both since i was young. Tim i knew since i was like 5 or 6 and Hunter i've known since i was like 8 or 9. that's 12 going on 13 years of friendship for us. even though i've technically known Tim longer, my friendship with Hunter is the one that blossomed first. you could say our friendship started as the "typical" best friend one does. 

we hated each other.

yep haha we both still talk about the day we first saw each other and how i thought she was a brat and she thought i was a snob. but it didn't take long for me to realize that i wanted to be her friend, so one day (because we're both homeschooled and so sometimes had to do school anywhere and everywhere) i saw she had the same math book as me. so i walked up to her and said "hey! i use that math book too!" 

i forget what she said. and what even happened after that. but once our lives crossed paths more and more, we just slowly became friends, and then eventually best friends. 

because i have always been into photography, i always used her as my model in the beginning years. i can honestly say she really did help me hone this skill into what it is today :)

Tim i knew because of 3 words. Speech and Debate. he and i were on the same team in high school and competed all 4 years. that's when i got close with him. (oh, and we all graduated the same year so we all grew up together) 

they had always been friends and knew of each other because of the private school we were all apart of for sports and extracurricular activities. but i still remember the day she told me that they liked each other. hahaha i laugh at it now because back then we were so young and had no idea what the future held for us. but i can honestly say i'm so glad they found each other and that they are best friends now. she is very near and dear to me, and i'm so happy he makes her so happy and vice versa.

anyways... i'll shut up now and let you look at these pics but try not to die of overly cuteness.