Arizona // March 22-24

part of traveling and photography is being flexible and learning to go with the flow. 

this trip definitely tested me in that regard. in hindsight, nothing about this trip went according to plan.. but regardless, it did make some memories that i will remember.

we landed in Phoenix on our first day, and were prepared to have a couple's shoot that evening. so to kill some time we played mini golf.

fun fact: Ally and i both tied -- TWICE. how crazy is that? haha

then we ate Buffalo Wild Wings cuz your girls were hungry.

then came disappointment number one: we found out the couple's shoot was a no-go due to scheduling difficulties. so we decided to go ahead and head north toward our other two destinations (Horseshoe Bend & Antelope Canyon) instead. we arrive in Flagstaff but were greeted with clouds and rain. NOT in the forecast the whole weeks/days before the trip. in fact, our weather app greeted us with the news that SNOW would be falling that night.

fun fact: we had packed NO CLOTHES for cooler weather. let alone snow. i kid you not. we packed sandals, shorts, and tank tops.

but we remained optimistic and hoped for the best the next day.

the next day came... and at least a foot of snow fell.

i repeat we had zero clothes for that kind of weather.

so surprise, thanks weather for making us cancel shoot number two.

**note: notice that no photos have graced this blog post yet? well that's no accident haha... i hadn't taken any photos yet :(**

we scraped the snow off my car (that was actually kinda fun... it was a first (: ) and headed back to the sunny city of Phoenix. once we arrived we were deciding what to do and ended up looking at model homes because it's fun. after the model homes we watched a movie (Before I Fall if you were wondering... it was actually pretty good! - intense but good.) then we ate in n out. haha by this point we were just hoping the weather would clear up up north so that we could at least go see Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend. 

before we turned in for the night, i stopped at Chick fil a to do my business really quick, when I saw an attractive couple enjoying their dinner. i immediately had a debate with myself over whether or not to look like a total creep and ask if they were free and wanted to model for us. but i decided against it and walked back to the car. i told Ally about the couple and she was like "DO IT!!! just do it!"

peer pressure worked ;) and i walked back inside and asked. they were so incredibly sweet, and said it sounded like so much fun -- and were actually engaged -- but weren't available the next day to model. i thanked them and walked away grateful that they were so chill about it. 

but man, that adrenaline rush though haha

next day came and thankfully the weather was clear and sunny up north. so we packed up and headed up there yet again. 

the first time up we passed these wild flower fields and wanted to stop but didn't. this time we could pass it up and pulled over for some pics. it was really quite pretty :)

once we drove passed Flagstaff we were greeted with wide open land. i don't know why, but i LOVE driving through wide open land. it just feels so freeing to me. the video will show you at the end of this post.

we arrived at Antelope Canyon and were happy to finally do something and walk around and take some pics.

except SIKE. we had no knowledge that A) you could only visit Antelope Canyon using tours and B) it was gonna cost $50 a person for us to do that.

yeah no. we were not prepared for that.

tired, defeated, and frustrated (at least i was) we drove to our final destination -- Horseshoe Bend. thankfully nothing was amiss at that place and we enjoyed the view and the sun.

driving away i casually mentioned just going home, and Ally agreed saying she was thinking that but didn't want to be "that person" haha

now by no means am i saying that i HATED this trip with every fiber of my being. not at all. we still explored a new state, and any time with Ally is a good time, and we did have fun even amidst all the negatives. so yes, i still enjoyed this trip. but it is a bit frustrating and defeating when things pretty much go completely against plans haha :) i think it was probably a little worse because our first two trips have been SO great and also SO productive. but like i said in the beginning, this is all apart of traveling and photography! and i'll take the good AND the bad!

link to the video: 

until next trip :)