Chris & Sarah // Northern California Elopement

i actually met Sarah through a friend... back in my lifestyle/fashion/model photography days... and when i shot her then, it was on a beach too. funny how that worked out ;P

but we were so scared that the weather was going to be cloudy. which it was, but for a short time during this shoot the sun came out and graced us with its presence. which made for some pretty sick shots as you will see :)

 initially, Sarah shared with me that she was slightly nervous for the shoot.... to which i said "why? all you guys have to do is be yourselves! :)" and they were! they were so perfect for this location. i even had no intention of asking them to get in the water (it was pretty darn cold and we were reaching sunset) but they asked me if i wanted them to and were so chill (heh pun intended) about it! and again.... the shots will speak for that!