Zane & Amanda

\\Oregon Engagement Photographer//

fun fact! Amanda is my sister's name. so i felt a sense of connection with this couple as soon as she emailed me! and from the start, Amanda was SO open to adventure and out-of-the-box ideas to help their session not only express who they are, but also make it unique and different from your average couple's session :) these two are also worship leaders, and while i was shooting them with the guitar, they started singing and my jaw literally dropped and i had to lower my camera for a minute and just enjoy the moment.

i think that's something that's SO important for photographers to remember. sometimes we get so caught up in trying to CAPTURE the moment that we miss ENJOYING the moment. definitely something i don't want to happen. and ultimately, the more i enjoy moments the better able i am to capture others, because i know the value of that moment.

anyhoo, enjoy these two adventurous lovebirds :)