NorCal // February 13-16

i left my heart... in San Franciscoooooo..

okay not really, my heart is actually sitting next to me right now checking snapchat. but HEY! TRIP NUMBER TWO! NORCAL!!!

so our NorCal trip consisted of 4 locations. Sequoia National Park, Yosemite, San Francisco and Big Sur. 

on our way into Sequoia we found this place called Tunnel Rock. it was pretty cool cuz it looked like at one point you were able to drive through it... but now you can only walk under it. still cool tho B)

when we actually got to Sequoia a lot of the roads to different trees were blocked off, so we could only go see General Sherman. still cool of course, but we had planned to explore the park all morning haha

it was pretty cool too cuz multiple trees had hollow trunks toward the bottom so you could go inside and live there and be a real life hobbit.

next stop, YOSEMITE! last time i was in Yosemite was about 4-5 years ago and it was i the summer. and although it wasn't as snowy as when Ally went a couple weeks prior, it was still pretty cool (pun intended) to visit it during winter.

we hit Bridalveil Falls first on our quest into Yosemite. i love that waterfall. not 100% sure why but i just do. maybe it's because the last time i was in Yosemite too there were some great memories that went with that trip and one of them was here. 

anyhoo, next we hit the view of El Capitan and Yosemite Falls.

next we wanted to get a closer look at half dome.. and in all honesty, i just wanted to because i have a new instagram account called @katetheexplorer where i take a photo of where i travel each month. and i wanted to add a photo with Half Dome but we followed directions but ended up getting lost. or the guy at the hotel didn't know what he was talking about. haha! regardless we had a nice 2 mile walk with lots of beautiful scenery and fresh air :)

after Yosemite we headed to our 3rd destination -- San Francisco. 

next day we woke up in San Fran and ate some good grub at Boudin. their tomato soup is bomb and their turkey avocado sandwich is pretty good too. just saying. we had some time to kill so we walked around the wharf and inside some gift shops.

as we were walking toward Ghirardehlli Square for ice cream, i saw an old friend. i say old friend but really he was an old nightmare hahaha okay let me explain.

last time i was in San Fran was when i was around 8 years old. we were walking around the city checking out all the sights when we saw a street performer dressed like a robot. and he was quite convincing, silver skin and everything. my dad was trying to get me to put some money in his box, but my dad didn't know that every time someone did that, the performer would scare that person in some way or another, i had been watching for a while and knew that so i begged my dad not to make me do it. but alas, my dad won.

i tipped-toed up behind the performer and didn't even get that close before i threw the coins at the box and turned to run away. but the guy knew i was behind him and sure enough right as i was turning he blew an airhorn and scared the daylights out of me. i started crying and was mad at my dad for the rest of the day.

and look who i ran into

i was telling Ally and Miko that as we were walking up i felt my palms sweat a little and even got a little nervous. funny what a childhood memory does to you haha. want to know the funniest part? this one scared me too xD

while we were in the Ghirardelli shop my man took some pics of me with my camera... pretty good right? ;)

after our shenanigans there we headed to Baker Beach for our couples shoot (more on that with tomorrow's post). 

also, this photo was taken by my man too..... i see talent, what do you see? talent? yeah i thought so.

finally, it was time for our final destination. Big Sur. but the sad part about that was the road was closed due to a bridge being down. so we ended up taking pics on the side of the road. which was still cool :)

before we headed home we stopped in Monterey to take a walk on this beach, and then also to have in n out because obviously... you need in n out before you take a long drive home ;)

and so concludes our trip! my video for it can be found at:

byeeeee! till Arizona