Irving & Katelyn - Golden Hour & Indoor Stringed Light Reception

\\ Southern California Wedding Photographer //

So I have known Katelyn and her family for a majority of my life! We went to the same church together when I was younger. They are some of the most genuine people you'll ever meet :) 

When Katelyn first reached out to me about shooting her wedding, my email wasn't working and I didn't receive her inquiry at first! Thankfully, because we've known each other she sent me a text asking if I received it - and let me just say.. I'm so glad she did! From the moment her, Irving and I planned the engagement session, I knew that capturing their story was going to be fun. And after shooting their engagements I could 100% see they were the perfect fit for each other! It was an absolute honor to capture this incredible step in their lives!! :)

Side note: I cannot express how beautiful this wedding was! Katelyn's desire was to have my input on when would be the absolute best time to take photos, and because she had that, these gorgeous tones and beautiful colors were the result!

I'm sure to some non-photographers/non-artists out there you might wonder why some wedding photos look different than others - not that the photos look bad, just that there is an obvious visual difference. And more often than not, it is because of the time of day that the photos were taken. Granted, we as professionals know how to create beautiful work no matter the circumstances, but it is true that the most flattering light is that hour before sunset and after sunrise. And!! Little known fact, there is still about 30 minutes of useable light (at least for me personally and how I utilize my equipment) after the sun sets that creates a gorgeous romantic and moody vibe for those who love that look too!

All that to say, if you value having photographs that have that soft glow and creamy tones that make your heart sing, let your photographer be involved in what time that actually is! because it is 100% worth it! :)

Okay I'm gonna shut up so you can view this day!