Aaron & Toni

These two could not have been more perfect for this setting! Toni's beautiful dress perfectly complimented the over all look and the table decorations and what not they included in their day were GORGEOUS!! Will be including vendor information below :)

But it truly was such a beautiful day! Clear sky, cook breeze, just the right amount of sun and clouds to provide the exact mood we needed. It was so exciting being a part of the planning process and then seeing this all come to life! I think there's a sense of accomplishment felt by everyone.

Still swooning over this perfect day and I probably won't stop any time soon :)

Eric & Lauren

I cannot tell you how sweet Lauren is! After their engagement session she gave me a bottle of some delicious moscato to take home and enjoy! How amazing?? I can NOT wait for her and Eric's wedding this coming August - their adorable pup Marley is going to be in the wedding too and I am soooooo excited for that!

I always love watching my couples interact with each other. I get to witness this connection between two people who would give the world for each other and it's truly such a beautiful experience! These two were the perfect mix of goofy, romantic and fun all rolled into one! And the addition of Marley was just the PERFECT fit.

If you have animals and you're wondering if you should ask me to include them I can tell you right now my answer is YESSSS! I don't care if it's a llama. Bring that llama and we will make AWESOME photos as a result! ;)